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:: Creating Change from the Inside Out :: 
Image by Zoe Schaeffer

I consider myself a Death/Birth Doula of sorts..

I’ve ended a marriage, sold a dream home & property, left an organization I created, and completely reinvented my life. I’ve come to know and love the inner territory of transformation, and the creative potential that accompanies change.


I’ve spent 7 years supporting people in intimate healing spaces in the plant medicine realm with Ayahuausca, while also building the organizational structure, planning the retreats, and fostering the heart and growth of the organization. In my experience in somatic therapy, exploring the sometimes confusing territory of developmental and intergenerational trauma, I have come to learn the difference between therapy (or coaching & mentoring), and therapy that 'works'. 


I value the skillful care of a sensitive and attuned presence and guide, and, given many of the relational misattunements we’ve experienced in our developmental years, see it as an essential ingredient in creating authentic and integrated change in one’s inner and outer worlds. 

Almond Blossom

A Sacred Journey of Unveiling
Yourself to Yourself

Our Container

I generally work in 2-6 month containers, which is customizable, depending on your needs and our shared sense of what is supportive. I enjoy working alongside sacred medicine allies, if and when that feels like an aligned relationship for your path.


We will meet for 60 minute calls where we will be with what is emergent. I generally find these calls to be an invitation into the more subtle realm. In exploring together, we can begin to expose the deeper messages of what life, your body, and your soul are communicating with you. There is deep healing that happens when we learn to turn towards ourself with curiosity and love, and listen and honor the more subtle messages of our body and life. To be met, witnessed and reflected in this space by an attuned presence creates a healing opportunity for the nervous system that offers a new template of being in one's body.

Depending on your intentions and current life situation, part of our work can include conversations around relational dynamics, sexual healing and desires, entrepreneurial endeavors, sacred space holding, menstrual cycle well-being for women, mystical teachings, and awakening your voice/artistry. 

You will likely have practices and/or intentions to walk forward with between sessions. 

Image by Agnieszka Kowalczyk
Image by Evie S.

If you have questions or would like to have a conversation around working together:

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